Clicking this button will take you directly to the IRIE Mind website. Click on the ‘REFERRAL FORM’ which will activate a download for you to complete. Otherwise, call the Hackney 24-hour helpline who will be able to help you with getting onto IRIE Mind – 020 8432 8020.

Talk Changes

Clicking this button will take you directly to the Talk Changes website. Scroll down to the blue panel titled ‘Refer Me Now’ and click. It will take you to an online form to complete to start the referral process. If you think you might have difficulties completing the form, please call them – 0207 683 4278.

Support When It Matters

City and Hackney Recovery College

The Advocacy Project

Emergency and Crisis Services in Hackney

City and Hackney Crisis Pathway Services

East London NHS Foundation Trust and Mind have joined forces to launch a trio of services available 24 hour a day to support local residents in the City of London and Hackney available at weekends, bank holidays and outside office hours.

The Walk-in Crisis Cafe
24-Hour Helpline

Call 020 8432 8020

Walk-in Crisis Café

The Crisis Cafe is currently offering a remote service at the moment. Contact the Café for details. It’s open from 6-9pm Monday to Friday, and from 12 noon to 4pm on Saturday and Sundays.

The Raybould Centre
City and Hackney Centre for Mental Health
Homerton Row E9 6SR

Call 073 9376 2366

Service User Network (SUN)

SUN is for people who experience emotional and psychological distress, frequent mood changes, emotional instability, self-harm and/ or have thoughts of suicide. It is a supportive and therapeutic group for individuals to develop self-help management strategies to prevent future crisis.

Call 075 0884 2688

24-Hour Helpline

This is for people of any age who may have long term psychological issues or who have had a sudden crisis such as a shock, bereavement, relationship issue, etc. They offer confidential expert advice and guidance support and referrals to local services if needed.

Call 020 8432 8020

Home Treatment Team

The Home Treatment Service provides assessment and treatment to people who are experiencing a mental health emergency of a nature or severity that would otherwise require admission to inpatient services.

The Raybould Centre
City and Hackney Centre for Mental Health
Homerton Row, London E9 6SR

Call 020 8432 8020